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Interested in being a data scientist? The "sexiest" job of the 21st century

Create value and change the world

When industry is shifting into the big data era, more and more decisions are based on data. Apply your analytical skills to unlock more knowledge, build products that affect millions of people's life everyday, and contribute to a more open and democratic world!

Huge increase in data scientist demand

It is projected that 4.4 million data scientists are needed by 2015 (IBM analytics), while USA alone will face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical skills by 2018 (McKinsey Global Institute).

Good pay and best work-life balance

The national average for entry-level data scientist is 90k. Besides, data scientist was voted as the "best work-life balance" job by Glassdoor in 2014.

NewMet Data: Polish your skills by working

Bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Get internship-style experience

Apply your analytical skills to a real-world data project for actionable insights, get personalized feedback from industry mentors.

Gain business related training

Business strategic thinking is important for data scientists. We want you to succeed in the long-run, therefore we'll help with your problem-solving skills and more.

Build your industry network

Meet industry data scientists, hiring managers and your future fellow data scientists. Build up your industry network, practice your interview skills.

Interview with recruiting companies

Graduate the bootcamp by interviewing with hiring managers, pitch yourself in front of the tech community on demo day, and get job offers right away!

Our Mentors

Alex L.
Data Scientist and Research Methodologist at IBM
Annie F.
Senior Data Scientist at DreamWorks
Bob N.
Director Business Intelligence and Analytics at textPlus
Colin B.
Data Scientist at Riot Games
Ethan H.
Data Analyst at Telmate
Jean G.
Senior Data Scientist at DataScience Inc
Jon W.
Lead Data Scientist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Josh A.
Business Intelligence and Project Manager at OnPrem Solution Partners
Kyle P.
Principle Data Scientist at DataScience Inc
Kuan L.
Data Engineer at Amazon
Manager of Business Analytics at LinkedIn
Lorie O.
Senior Business Analyst at Southern California Edison
Stan M.
Professor at California State University, Northridge
Wayne S.
Professor at College of Business and Economics, CSUN


Why is there a bootcamp like this?

The bootcamp is inspired by the obstacles that some of the founding members experienced when they became a data scientist. We believe that current class-based training leaves a gap between academia and industry, and there are certain skills that can only be acquired while working. Specifically for data scientist, the business mindset, problem-solving skills, especially the understanding of actionable insight are as important as the ability to code and build models. However, these cannot be easily taught over classes. Therefore, we designed such a program to emphasize on business strategic thinking and other soft skills. Remember, we don't just want to get you a job - we want you to succeed in the long run.

What are the prerequisites for applying?

We won't be teaching you basic programming and analysis skills, so you'll need to know at least R or python, as well as SQL queries. Basic data analysis and machine learning knowledge will also be required. Don't worry, it's not too difficult. See below for more resources for self-learning.

Where can I find good teaching material for learning these technical skills?

Most candidates coming from a science background know matlab, and R is fairly similar to that. Coursera's data science specialization (Johns Hopkins) is a good place to get you started, especially the "R programming", "Exploratory Data Analysis", and "Reproducible Research" classes. Google has a python class that'll worth your time. To learn SQL, check out w3school's SQL tutorial. Additionally, you might want to take stanford's machine learning class (now on coursera, taught by Andrew Ng) as well MIT's "Introduction to Algorithms" class on MIT OpenCourseWare. Additional classes like the Data Mining Specialization (UIUC) are opening up on Coursera, use your imagination to explore all those free materials online you can benefit from!

When and where will the bootcamp be held? Can I join remotely?

The next program will be offered in Winter 2017. Subscribe to our email list to get notified when the it is open for application. It will be a part-time program so you can join remotely. Your time committment will be about 20 hours a week, to work on the project and to meet remotely with the team and your mentor. See below for more details.

How much is the cost for the bootcamp?

Program tuition is $6k, with fellowships available upon request. If you have financial difficulties, feel free to contact us for the possibility of full fellowship.

What is it like to be in the bootcamp?

The training will be project-based (no classes), where students work on a real-world project in teams. During the week you work according to your own schedule, having occasional virtual meetings with your teammates and mentors. In the program we will have small teams (about 4 people) working intimately with their designated industry mentors, so that you will get guidance throughout the process. A remote progress meeting is mandatory for the whole team every other week. There will be discussion sessions that focus on non-technical skills (e.g. business related training specific for data scientists), which we believe will be helpful for your career in the long-run. Typically you will spend ~20 hours during the week to work on the project and take home tasks. The end goal of the project is to produce publishable results on the WeQuantLA website (see below for more details). Depends on your level of competency, there will be opportunity to interact with hiring managers and interview for their openings upon completion of the bootcamp.

What is the best time to apply to the bootcamp?

We welcome anyone who have the basic coding + data analysis skills and want to build up their data scientist's profile to join our program. Whether you're a graduate student, a postdoc or a working professional, as long as you have acquired the necessary coding and data analysis knowledge and are ready to commit enough hours on a project like this, feel free to apply.

What kind of project will I be working on during the bootcamp?

Projects typically come from our company or organization partners and will emphasize on actionable insight. Starting in Summer 2016 we'll be collaborating with WeQuantLA to work on open government data in Los Angeles, such as LA traffic analysis, real estate analysis etc. The results will become a series of blog posts that publish to the WeQuantLA website, or be communicated directly to the City of LA, LA Metro etc. By participating in the bootcamp, you will not only build up your data scientist's profile that is presentable to anyone out there, your projects will also bring real changes to the world. We'll announce the details to the admitted candidates before the start of the bootcamp.

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For Employers

"We project a need for 1.5 million additional managers who can ask the right questions...The United States cannot fill this gap simply by changing graduate requirements...It will be necessary to retrain a significant amount of the talent in place."
   ——— McKinsey Global Institute, "Big Data: The next frontier for innovation"

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Access a pool of candidates pre- screened and pre-trained by experts in the field. Reduce your on-the-job training time !
Government funding
Do you know you might be eligible for public funding when you hire someone? Partner with us and KNOW MORE !

NewMet Data Hiring Managers' Webinar Series

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NewMet Data will be hosting a series of webinars where hiring managers or senior data scientists from different industries speak to community audiences about big data applications in their field.

The open webinar will be followed by a small-group interactive Q&A session where the speaker answer questions about their company, the positions or general questions related to data science. Attend the interactive session if you are actively looking for a job!

"Big Data Opportunities in the FinTech Space"

In this talk, we welcome Cho-Nan Tsai, CTO from Camino Financial. Camino Financial is a credit marketplace matching small businesses with affordable business loans. Cho-Nan is a seasoned technology entrepreneur within the Financial Technology, Social Media, Mobile Advertising and Digital Entertainment industries. His talk will be focusing on major big data players of FinTech as well as some of the most creative applications in the area such as fraud detection, marketing and credit underwriting for small business loans.

For more details about the speaker or the company, see the description in the video page .

Past Event

NewMet Data Science Bootcamp Demo Day

The NewMet Data Science Bootcamp Demo Day took place in summer 2015 at Cross Campus Santa Monica LA, when a group of interns showcased how they use data analysis skills to identify cities in California where targeted marketing campaign on garbage recycling is most likely to be effective.

This event was part of the LA Media Lab effort, aiming to foster innovation, knowledge transfer and talent development. We were kindly supported by the LA Area Chamber of Commerce and the Bixel Exchange program.

Kindly supported by